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  Jiangsu Beigelai Kitchens&Bathrooms co.,ltd. Established in 1990s, located in Northern Jiangsu, Shuyang county, have 20 years history. We focus on the technology research and innovation of the enameled cast iron bath tubs and cast iron radiators. Our company specialized in the production of enameled cast iron bathtubs, kitchen sinks, basin, shower trays, cast iron radiator, steel bathtubs, cabinets and other eight series over 80 products. We have more than 30 technical staff, and 300 employees. We are the only factory who has enameled one-piece pedestal baths in China.   
  Our company annual output is more than 45, 000 pieces of enameled products, 1 million sections of cast iron radiators, 45000 sets of cabinets. Our enamel cast iron bathtubs are smooth, delicate, warm preserving, fashionable and easy installed. Our cast iron radiators are mainly the vintage style radiators, which include the Victorian column style, Rococo, peerless and so on. Our radiators has clear delicate surface with air testing pressure up to 8 kg, water pressure 16 kg. Our products get good reputation and are welcomed by customers all over the world. Our top five exporting countries are UK, US, RU, DE, FR.

  Elegant, delicate and magnificent Beigelai products, is the best choice for your pursuit quality of life.

Vintage cast iron bathtub

Beigelai became to exist and start the production and exporting of cast iron bathtubs and sinks.


Sales increased rapidly and our customers spread all over the world, especially the Europe.


We start to develop the domestic market.


We start the production of the vintage cast iron radiators.


For bigger production capacity, we moved our factory to Jiangsu.


We become the factory with most models of vintage cast iron radaitors and start the milling process and use paper gaskets.


Our Vintage cast iron bathtubs and Vintage cast iron radiators get more and more reputation.



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